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With Us Your Backyard Becomes Your Nature

When Gary E. Johnson, the founder-owner of Second Nature, started his gardening service with his green thumbs in the early 1980s, just a handful of his customers welcomed his natural methods with no synthetic fertilizer and no pesticides. Rather, many people preferred using chemicals to speed up the improvement in their gardens and see their neat landscapes quicker.


Since then, Gary has perseveringly communicated with his customers in showing how he would make their backyard better until they recognized that his earth-friendly methods brought with healthier soil with prettier plants and flowers, and even tasty edible-products.


The word-of-mouth was spreading throughout the island of Oahu as environmental awareness was expanding on the planet over the decades. Responding to the growing demand, Gary established a company, Second Nature, LLC with reliable employees so he can share his methods and experiences with more customers.

Gary E. Johnson, the founder-owner of Second Nature
Gary E. Johnson, the founder-owner of Second Nature

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